PCW has been a leader in perfumery since 1986, exercising its expertise through distinct business divisions within the same structure, all centered on perfumery. The company works to generate and convey emotion, while supporting the market’s important entities, whether they work with raw materials or are in direct contact with consumers.  

Expertise :

filiere expertise parfumerie

We are one of the partners of the Grasse Expertise project. #GRASSE EXPERTISE® brings together professionals from the Grasse area’s fragrance and flavors industry that possess emblematic savoir-faire and are committed to expanding local production of perfume-plant crops. PCW is motivated by the desire to create a thriving business with ties to both the history and growth of Grasse’s perfume industry. We are proud to partner with companies in the region that share our values ​​and jointly forge the successes of tomorrow.


Email : info@pcwfrance.com
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 42 35 00
45 Bd Marcel Pagnol
Parc Aromagrasse
06130 GRASSE