Raison d’être and vision

The raison d’être of Grasse Expertise is aligned with its objectives in its work to serve the region and the four emblematic industry sectors of fragrance, flavors, cosmetics, and health/well-being.

The raison d’être of Grasse Expertise is to unite the industry’s entities to:

  • preserve and dynamize the territory, heritage, and exceptional savoir-faire
  • enable entrepreneurs and their teams to be a springboards for innovation and societal and environmental transformation by stimulating collective intelligence

This raison d’être has powerful meaning and appeal to build innovative, responsible, and united industry sectors, starting with a common vision:
Let us be a proactive force within a collective that boasts many forms of expertise and synergies to protect and promote the region’s heritage and develop an ecosystem that tangibly contributes to a positive economy for people and the planet.



The mission of Grasse Expertise is to unite all entities involved in the future of the four emblematic industry sectors around three objectives :

Promote and build the continuous improvement of savoir-faire in France and abroad

Stimulate the dynamics of the territory’s attractiveness and create lasting employment

Support the development of local agriculture through cultivation of perfume, aromatic, and medicinal plants


Actions for an innovative and responsible dynamic


Inspire commitment in a company and its employees through stimulating CSR initiatives:
Local jobs, savoir-faire, and support for local agriculture


Fuel the development of collective projects and innovation capacities:
Meetings, after-work events, company tours, connection to the ecosystem


Promote territorial assets, the members, their experience, and the collective:
Social networks, international trade shows, speaker-discussion events