The founding values

Grasse Expertise members share the same pride in belonging to this unique territory and feel a very personal attachment to this exceptional terroir and its cultural, artisanal, and industrial wealth.

Since the collective territorial trademark Grasse Expertise was founded, it has remained rooted in all that is natural (naturalité) via its support for growers and their perfume, aromatic, and medicinal plant crops. The members are united in a common desire to preserve this precious resource and to be proactively involved in helping the industry expand and innovate responsibly, protecting the planet and its peoples.

Grasse Expertise is thus the standard-bearer for a land of innovation and naturalness, one blessed with true meaning, one that embodies values ​​such as sharing, kindness, and hospitality.

Each member embraces and practices the trademark’s foundations and values with commitment and dedication:




The Grasse Expertise community is driven by a deep sense of collaboration, far beyond personal and competitive divisions, putting trust and human relations at the center of its collective efforts.
This is the basis of values ​​and commitments upon which the Grasse Expertise trademark is founded, to provide solutions to the many challenges of the 21st century.
As the trademark is an initiative of the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse, Grasse Expertise members honor the ethics and essential values ​​set out in the Charter of the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse.

CSR and Responsible Innovation

Since Grasse Expertise was founded, its DNA has been naturalness and its actions have been driven by its commitments and the commitments of its members.
Each Grasse Expertise membership application in studied by a Review Committee, which examines the active participation of the applicant, whether it is a company, organization, or individual, in the continuous improvement and generational transfer of its savoir-faire, its commitment to growing local perfume, aromatic, and medicinal plants, as well as its other CSR initiatives.
Grasse Expertise’s strategic intention is to be a driving force and a creative framework for new projects to protect natural heritage, the ecological and societal transition, and support for moving toward new economic models with positive impact.
Sharing best practices and proactively generating thriving group dynamics are what inspire Grasse Expertise’s initiatives in promoting an innovative, responsible, and united industry.

Grasse Expertise is the sponsor of the Fourth Annual Corpo35 Competition in 2020.

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