who can join

Who can join ?

To be a member of the collective trademark, the company or organization must be substantively located in the Pays de Grasse within the scope defined by Grasse Expertise.

Membership in Grasse Expertise can be requested by companies, structures, associations, non-profit entities, legal persons, or organizations (hereinafter referred to as the Company) insofar as they meet the following three criteria:

  1. L’Entreprise est localisée de manière significative sur le Pays de Grasse
  2. L’Entreprise contribue à l’amélioration continue et au rayonnement des savoir-faire du Pays de Grasse de manière significative et qualitative
  3. L’Entreprise s’engage à soutenir la production et les producteurs de plantes à parfum locale.

These criteria are evaluated by a Review Committee based on a membership application.
If your business meets these criteria and your file is approved by the Review Committee of the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse, you may then join Grasse Expertise.

Companies wishing to join Grasse Expertise may submit applications at any time of the year.
The application and handbook are available here.


What is the profile of a Grasse Expertise member?

Members include all those involved in the fragrance, flavors, cosmetics and health and well-being ecosystem and industries, such as:

. perfume, aromatic, and medicinal plant producers

. experts in manufacturing natural aromatic products

. synthetic product specialists

. fragrance and flavor creators

. producers or distributors of natural active ingredients for health and beauty products

. supply, logistics, and equipment specialists

. finished-product producers

. education and research professionals

. biotechnology and R&D laboratories

. industry service providers: regulatory advice, project management, CSR, etc.

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