Grasse Expertise :

paving the way to innovation

Our network is celebrating its second anniversary, the perfect time look back on our development – and continue our course for the future.

At our quarterly meeting in May, warmly hosted by fellow member Luc Tournaire, members of the Grasse Expertise collective trademark had the opportunity to discuss the network’s progress and prospects.

While enjoying a site tour, members talked about innovation and the future. The CEO and his employees showed us the inner workings of the company’s equipment division as it fashioned production tools for the new factory of another member enterprise, Floral Concept. A superb example of the coopetition that thrives in our distinctive ecosystem.

For Grasse Expertise is the first and only professional collective trademark of international scope for specialists in the fragrance, flavor, cosmetics, and aromatherapy industry in the Pays de Grasse, the cradle of perfumery, and our members make it clear how important it is to them to be a part of this network.

Luc Tournaire (Tournaire) sees Grasse Expertise as a community of excellence that encompasses every facet of the perfumery adventure in Grasse, from flower producers to finished-product manufacturers. Alain Ferro (ASFO, Prodarom) feels that Grasse Expertise is a standard-setting trademark that conveys a dynamic and innovative image of the Pays de Grasse. Claire Lonvaud (PassionNez) says Grasse Expertise is a great opportunity, demonstrating the solidarity among all actors in the perfume industry, from producer to finished product.

Frank Chuzel (Life Scientis) knows that Grasse Expertise is a way of pooling many different kinds of savoir-faire and a wide variety of skills across all the professions in the industry. It allows us to create synergies throughout the entire Grasse value chain, in many realms, from fragrances to wellbeing to health. Frédérique Rémy (Floral Concept) sees the network as a valuable way to be part of a larger group of companies in the historic Pays de Grasse, where even small villages are part of a broader regional community in which expertise in all the industry’s trades can be found.