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The Tournaire company, founded in 1833, came into being at the same time as Grasse’s first perfume-plant distillers. First working as a boilermaker, then a manufacturer of stills, modern extractors, and copper cans for flower oils, called estagnons – eventually replaced by aluminum models –, the company has ceaselessly developed its expertise, keeping pace with the perfume industry’s development to meet its clients’ specific needs. While our heritage is that of a pioneer in the engineering of raw-material processing for fragrances, we also have a long history of diversification in numerous other realms of industrial activity.
Today, Tournaire has two key divisions:
– The Packaging Division, offering high-end technical packaging (aluminum and coextruded plastic) to protect sensitive and dangerous products.
– The Equipment Division, the company’s original focus, specializing in the design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of equipment used to process natural raw materials.
By virtue of the expertise harbored in these two divisions, Tournaire works in fields as diverse as pharmacy, perfumery, the food industry, and even cosmetics, while offering the highest level of quality, service, and safety.

Expertise :

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