Passion nez

Passion Nez is a consulting agency in scent marketing and fragrance development, working across multiple links of the fragrance-production chain: olfactory expertise, marketing strategy, and product development. We are also the exclusive partner of the Cinquième Sens certified training center in Grasse and provide technical, cultural, and intensive training in perfumery, in both French and English. We also host private and professional events featuring fragrance-creation workshops. Lastly, at our newest location in the Grasse old town, we provide a coworking space centered on perfume and olfaction for all scent enthusiasts.

Expertise :

filiere expertise parfumerie

Three years ago, I founded a product-development consulting agency called Passion Nez because I’m passionate about perfumery. My company also offers training in perfumery. When I started, I was welcomed by the Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse and I took part in creating the Grasse Expertise trademark, which was in keeping with my interests as a young entrepreneur. I see Grasse Expertise as an opportunity, and it demonstrates the solidarity and cooperation between all the actors in the fragrance industry, from grower to finished product producer, and it was essential for me to have a voice and a presence, to be a recognized actor in the fragrance industry. I also wanted to be able to convey to my clients that all this savoir-faire exists in Grasse, that we have all the expertise right here, that there’s no need to go looking elsewhere. And that you can get the best quality of everything, even in a small town or in a small region, like the Pays de Grasse, as compared with the other major capitals of the industry.

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12 rue Jean Ossola
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