LifeScientis is a biotechnology company based in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, offering consultation services in toxicological-risk analysis to the life-sciences industries in order to improve the safety of their products and their impact on people and the environment. Our founder’s 20 years of toxicology experience, particularly in endocrine disruption and nanomaterials, make it possible for us to establish tailor-made safety strategies for our partners. We also perform research and development based on soft chemistry that draws on our toxicology expertise to design innovative solutions to encapsulate molecules of interest – fragrances, flavors, active ingredients – that are eco-responsible and can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. Today’s world demands that we find solutions that are safe for humans and environmentally sustainable. Our twofold expertise in toxicology and micro/nanotechnologies means safety is the key concern in all we do and helps us work with clients across the value chain of the life-sciences industries. Since LifeScientis was founded in late 2015, we have worked committedly and enthusiastically with our partners, because we deeply believe that it is in joining forces that we will uncover the solutions to the challenges we face.

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Being originally from the region, we feel very strongly about contributing to its dynamism and international appeal by promoting this unique ecosystem and creating sustainable jobs here. Since we firmly believe that tomorrow’s solutions will emerge from today’s trust-based collaborations, becoming part of the Grasse Expertise collective trademark was a simple choice for us to make. Considering the current societal and environmental challenges we face, one of the keys to our future is creating synergies among the emblematic spheres of savoir-faire represented by Grasse Expertise.

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