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Laboratoires Jyta, an expert in custom manufacturing, has been making made-to-measure cosmetic products for more than 70 years. Through comprehensive support and personalized advice, the company stands by its clients throughout their projects, from A to Z, to provide services that satisfy their needs as completely as possible. Though its main location is in the industrial zone of the nearby city of ​​Carros, Laboratoires Jyta now has three adaptive production sites and currently boasts more than 20 employees that handle product research, formulation, manufacture, packaging, and logistics. Not only are the laboratories ISO 9001: 2015-certified and approved for their Good Manufacturing Practices, they are also an approved ECOCERT COSMOS facility. Faced with ever-increasing demand from brands and consumers, Laboratoires Jyta also has a department that produces natural, vegan, and organic cosmetic products: Green Cosmetology. This new branch boasts strong and mutually respectful collaborations with suppliers across the globe to provide its clients with the best possible quality of select ingredients. Green Cosmetology is an excellent alternative to conventional cosmetics, a range of greener products with recognized cosmetic properties that are just as effective. The laboratories use a wide palette of high-quality raw materials, including butters, gums, and oils that are COSMOS-certified as 100% natural or organic.

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While a cosmetic product’s quality encompasses several criteria, it is the fragrance chosen for it that gives it its true identity. Our laboratories have worked exclusively with Grasse-area companies for many years by virtue of the quality and choice of their products. Joining Grasse Expertise is a natural extension of our development and values. It allows us to make the most of local resources and promote short supply chains, as well as showcasing the savoir-faire of the Pays de Grasse worldwide.

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