HF Perfumes is, first and foremost, the nose of Hélène Prévot. Having studied at ISIPCA, the fragrance and cosmetics school where she now teaches, as well as at UESS (Université Européenne des Senteurs et des Saveurs), she learned the industry ropes at major fragrance firms in France and abroad. The world’s biggest names have trusted her listening skills, creativity, and discretion to help them in their pursuit of excellence. This creator of custom scents finds inspiration in nature, her travels, and the people she meets. She is passionate, curious, creative, and responsive. To provide her clients with quality products that respect all current regulations, she surrounds herself with a team of professionals from the world of perfumery, including many Grasse Expertise members. Keywords: listening, creativity, responsiveness, passion, sensitivity.

Expertise :

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Grasse Expertise is a collective trademark that brings together all the various forms of expertise in the Pays de Grasse and, as an independent perfumer based in Grasse, it’s an important organization for me to be a part of. It means I have in my entourage and my network all the forms of savoir-faire I call upon, including packaging, perfume plants, and design and manufacturing of concentrates: stakeholders who are from Grasse, partners from Grasse who are also part of the Grasse Expertise trademark.



Email : helene@hfperfumes.fr
Tel.: +33 (0)6 61 09 95 04
5 Place aux Aires
06130 Grasse