It is the story of fragrance and family – one that began in Grasse in 1926, when Eugène Fuchs opened a perfumery bearing the Fragonard name, homage to the famed painter from Grasse. From father to son and son to grandson, the Fuchs and Costa families nurtured and expanded the business. The workshop of old has since become a factory, spanning three different sites that remain ever open to the public, where visitors discover the secrets of how we make our perfumes, as well as the history of perfumery. This epic tale of family and fragrance now is embodied by the women, Anne, Agnès, and Françoise, who joined their father at the company’s helm at a very early age to ensure the enterprise continued to pass from one generation to the next, while expanding its horizons to include fashion, lifestyle, tableware, exclusive gifts, and more.

Expertise :

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It is only natural for Fragonard to be a member of Grasse Expertise. Fragonard is a 92-year-old Grasse-based perfume company and this new Grasse Expertise trademark should help strengthen our region’s attractiveness and develop perfume plants as crops, which are the foundation of our business and our world-renowned savoir-faire. It also helps promote the region to draw new companies in the perfume industry, but also other satellite trades and sectors that are related to perfumery and will develop, as well. Trades that we know and some we don’t yet know that will expand in the years to come. In our region, our savoir-faire has been passed down for generations; it is a place where people should share the desire and pride to work here, to make it possible to draw new human and industrial resources to the area.

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