BotaniCERT is an analytical laboratory specializing in phytochemistry. It has long-developed expertise in plant identification, confirming the absence of adulteration and quantities of secondary metabolites. Through objective risk assessment, the expert staff offer industry professionals the creation and implementation of control plans to increase the safety of their businesses. BotaniCERT also supports manufacturers in their innovation work by promoting all that the plant world has to offer in the development of new ingredients or new products.

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We decided to join Grasse Expertise as a way of showcasing the existing ecosystem in Grasse. We regularly take part in trade shows abroad, such as Vitafood. We specialize in plant analyses for both identification and secondary metabolites and people naturally tell us about plants and their products that have developed in a region like Grasse, and so it’s to be expected that there would now be an entire ecosystem to promote the use of plants. And so we are part of this ecosystem and are one of the world’s leading companies in plant-extract analysis, so in identification, because it’s not that easy to identify a plant, but also all secondary metabolites in relation to a new consumer concern regarding plant use, and that’s safety.

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