The family business of Argeville was established in 1921. Sixty years later, in 1981, Jean-Jacques Ardizio took over the company and expanded it overseas. Today, with Xavier Ardizio at the helm, Argeville works in three key areas: fragrance composition, raw-material manufacture, and food flavorings. With a network of agents and distributors spanning the globe, along with subsidiaries in Dubai, Bangkok, Guangzhou, and Bogota, as well as a new factory in Bangkok that began operating in November 2019, Argeville is increasing its overseas presence by the day, impelled by its commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, independence, and continuous development.

Expertise :

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At Argeville, Made in France – and especially Made in Pays de Grasse – is our priority, one we put into practice through the selection and processing of raw materials, quality control, compliance with safety and environmental standards, innovation, and research. We feel strongly about promoting and practicing Grasse’s expertise around the world. We instill the same pride in belonging to Made in Pays de Grasse in our employees at our various subsidiaries and factories abroad, so that Pays de Grasse savoir-faire withstands the test of time. Becoming a Grasse Expertise member was a natural choice for us, helping to showcase the image of the Grasse region across the globe.


Email : contact@argeville.com
Tel.: +33 (0)4 92 92 43 43
Domaine d’Argeville – BP 1202
06254 Mougins Cedex France