Grasse Expertise rassemble 39 Professionnels aux savoir-faire emblématiques

Jean Niel

A leading fragrance house since 1779, Jean Niel embodies the savoir-faire passed from generation to generation. Today, the company’s expertise offers clients a limitless range of fragrance and flavor creations. This French artisanal company lives up to the challenges and desires of its partners by reinventing customization and personalizing customer relationships. With their eyes firmly set on the future, Jean Niel encourages creativity and offers innovative solutions based upon their experience and audacity.


Botanicert was created in 2011 by Francis HADJI-MINAGLOU. He is a doctor of pharmacy, ethnobotanist, pharmacologist and pharmacognosy expert. Botanicert is a well-established analytical laboratory expert in the plant field. Whether for research or routine, it dedicates its knowledge to the analysis of natural active ingredients and plant-based products, and this has already distinguished itself in the plant market.

Inevo Technologies

  INEVO is the specialist in Process Design for liquid, solids, & gas assets. For 14 years, INEVO Technologies supports industrial and start-up companies for chemical, biotechnologies, oil & gas, petrochemicals, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical fields on the batch and continuous unit operations (evapo-crystallisation, distillation, extrusion…). Thanks to its skilled team with complementary competences, INEVO Technologies provides: process optimization with industry 4.0 applications; process industrialization and scale-up; wastes limitation, treatment and valorization; asset revamping and debottlenecking; process training; process safety and site compliance.

Fragrances Concerto

For over 20 years FRAGRANCES CONCERTO has created and supplied hedonistic fragrances that bring well-being and pleasure into the beauty, hygiene, and home ambiance markets, intended for SMEs as well as the largest international groups. Fragrances Concerto has a tailor-made approach, where creativity perfectly matches the realities of your markets, and it guarantees support at each stage of the production of your perfumes.

1000 Flowers

Jessica September BUCHANAN, Canadian perfumer and aromatherapist, founded 1000 Flowers Perfumer in 2000 and was a graduate of the Grasse Institute of Perfumery in 2007 (promotion Mane). Since 2014, she has installed her creation center in Grasse, and, in 2017, opened a boutique/atelier in the old city center. Specializing in natural and classic fragrance formulation, 1000 Flowers offers a collection of 'prêt-à-porter' fragrance creations in-house, plus consulting in aromatherapy and natural cosmetics development.


Located next to Grasse, the historic birthplace of the perfume industry, CARESTIA supports some of the biggest names in the cosmetics and perfume industry both in France and internationally. CARESTIA has built up its industry know-how since 1883 and today the company is a leader in the creation and production of perfumed products, blotter cards, fragrance strips and booklets.  

Au Pays de la Fleur d’Oranger

Virginie Roux, Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger Founder, precisely orchestrates the creative direction and quality of each of the products and Haute de Gamme fragrance collections. Expert perfumer and nose Jean-Claude Gigodot lends his savoir-faire and expertise in the collaborations for the Haute de Gamme fragrance collections and helps bring the vision of the Au Pays de la Fleur d'Oranger team to life.

HF Perfumes

Hélène Fizet-Prévot, Perfumer and creator of HF Perfumes, has an experience of nearly 20 years in creating unique and innovative fragrances.  Having worked for some of the world leading perfume companies, she has a rich and extensive experience in fine fragrance, toiletries, personal care, candles and Orientals.      

Bougie & Senteur

Bougie & Senteur designs and manufactures scented personalized candles and ambiance fragrances. They create tailor-made scented candles for decoration, luxury, fashion, fragrance ,and cosmetics in the medium and high end of the market, from basic to full service.



Founded in 1993 in Grasse within the heart of local perfumeries, the MOD’VERRE company first specialized in the repair and manufacturing of laboratory glassware: a real know-how preserved. Over the years, MOD’VERRE has been able to broaden its area of expertise by developing and multiplying partnerships. MOD’VERRE now offer a globalization of needs in the fields of perfumery, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. MOD'VERRE supports you in the sectors of bottles (glass, plastic, aluminum), consumables and scientific laboratory materials, personal protective equipment, filtration solutions, chemical and laboratory reagents, and even establishment and layout of laboratory. Finally, MOD’VERRE will be able to operate beyond the Grasse borders since we work with countries such as Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Madagascar, China, Bulgaria, Poland, Turkey ...


AROMAX develops and supplies customized product solutions in the field of natural aromatic and active raw materials. This includes flavors and fragrances dedicated to all types of cosmetic, toiletries, food and beverages, nutraceuticals, human, animal, and plant health applications.

Tech ISI

Technical engineering specialized in aromas, perfumes, and cosmetics. More information on


Firmenich is a family-owned company which has operated as a pioneer for a century in the fragrance and aroma industry. Founded in Geneva (Switzerland) in 1895, Firmenich has confirmed its leadership position among the most important perfume and aroma actors thanks to its passion for the work and its know-how.


NissActive offers to Cosmetics Laboratories to design and create natural cosmetic ingredients that are innovative, objectified, and scientifically proven. Those actives, tailor made according to the specifications, are developed from natural Mediterranean raw material, as well as from by agriculture co-products. An initiative in full accordance with biodiversity valorization and the respect of the environment.


The designer Juliette Espinasse Dubois has created perfumes and fashions since 1989. She has participated in many fashion shows held in cities such as St. Barth, Paris, New York, Sanremo, and Geneva. Decorated as an art and culture ambassador from Paris’ Divine Academy, she tries to make her creations reflect the Nice and French ways of life. She has lived in Grasse for a long time since departing St Barth.


The operations of Robertet Group are divided in three sectors: food flavoring, perfume compositions, and natural ingredients. Its success is worldwide, as evidenced by its active presence in more than 50 countries thanks to a network of collaborators in Europe, United States, Latin America, Asia, and South Africa.

Albert Vieille

Based on more than a century of experience, Albert Vieille SAS has crafted exceptional savoir-faire in the realm of perfume plants. Albert Vieille SAS is a venerable company specializing in 100% pure and natural aromatic raw materials for professionals working in the perfumery, cosmetics, food, and aromatherapy markets. They have more than 200 aromatic products – essential oil, floral water, scented water, absolute, concrete, resinoid, gum resin – for use in formulating scented and flavored creations.  


Founded in Grasse in December 2015, LifeScientis has the aim to address a major issue for Life Sciences companies: ensuring the efficacy and safety of use of their products while respecting the environment. LifeScientis thus provides two complementary activities: support in nano safety & endocrine disruption toxicological issues to define and implement a tailored safety strategy. The R&D team designs and develops innovative, safe, and eco-compatible solutions for encapsulating various compounds (active principles, ingredients, fragrances) for diverse purposes, based on soft and bio-inspired chemistry.

Les Fleurs d'Exception du Pays de Grasse

Les Fleurs d’Exception du Pays de Grasse is an association under the French law of 1901 essentially composed of perfume plant growers.

Concept Aromatique

Concept Aromatique develops and produces a wide range of Fragrances relevant to the everyday environment including perfumes, colognes, cosmetics, skincare, haircare, and diffusers. Concept Aromatique values your most subtle ideas and creative visions and translates them into matching fragrances. The company’s expertise produces for each and every customer the fragrance best suited to their markets through creative and customized product developments. Concept Aromatique ensures rigorous quality control and perfect traceability to all raw materials. Likewise, its own suppliers are also answerable to such controls.


A French perfume company located in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. Their activity consists of creating perfumes with private labels that are market ready.


From the creation of fragrances to the production of raw materials and food flavours – Argeville’s activities have a global reach. We offer perfumers and the food processing industry the benefit of our decades of experience in this sphere.    

Transports Galot

Founded in 1956, Transports GALOT is part of the history of Grasse and its territory. 70% of their activities are directly connected with local perfumes and flavors industries. They ensure transportation of all kinds of products, including the dangerous one (ADR regulation), locally, all over France, and in Europe by using quality and innovative networks and terminals. While remaining flexible, they can propose to their customers global solutions that meet French and International regulations and standards.

MD Fragrances

Raw materials are an essential starting point in the formulation process. They sometimes rasp like wild silk or they are as soft as velvet, cold or hot, bright blue or bright red. They are the basis for the multi-sensory experience that is a perfume.

Les Parfumeries Fragonard

Founded in 1926, Fragonard are one of the oldest perfumeries in Grasse. They are specialized in scented waters production, cosmetics, eau de toilette, and perfumes. More information

Aux Belles Senteurs

Thanks to its global professional experience and technical mastery of the graphics value chain, « Aux Belles Senteurs » stands ready to accompany you in all your projects of fragrance strips, booklets, packaging, or any neutral or perfumed support.  

Le Domaine de Manon

The Domaine is located in the municipality of Grasse, the world’s perfume capital. For 30 years, this family has been growing perfume plants and perpetuating century-old expertise in a territory ideal for their development and their quality.  

IFF Fragrance Resources

Fragrance Resources is an international company that has been highly experienced in business for many years. We always listen to the needs and expectations of our clients. This way we can imagine and create perfumes together. We like working with team spirit, open-mindedness, and creativity.

Astier Demarest

Specialized in the distribution of natural and synthetic aromatic source materials, Astier Demarest imports these materials from their countries of origin for the sectors of perfumery, cosmetics, aromatherapy, and food flavoring.

Expressions Parfumées

Expressions Parfumées invents the perfumes of tomorrow thanks to its deep anchoring in the direct creation of fragrances. The founders of the company are all professional perfumers who are recognized for their authentic know-how, an expertise in which creativity is the quality mark of all their achievements. Under the impetus of these first talents, all the teams pursue this demand for controlled originality that stems from the subtle balance between tradition and innovation. This experience, which has proved successful on the international market, is made possible by the universal character of perfume as a sensory language that speaks to everyone.    

Au Pays de la fleur d'oranger

This was originally the story of Virginie, her village, and her family. She knew how to transform her heritage into an art by drawing from the wonder of the senses. Virginie shared this philosophy by creating In the Country of the Orange Blossom, a brand where the orange blossom, known for its soft and soothing virtues, is queen. The perfumes and exceptional cosmetics are made in France by craftsmen who love their work.  

Fleurs de Festival

Fleurs de Festival is a young company that offers exceptional products in the field of perfumery which is created from local crops of mimosa. The product launch, Festival of Flowers – Cannes, is an exceptional fragrance with a prestige synonymous in representing the soul of Cannes.    

Laboratoires Jyta

An expert in custom manufacturing, Laboratoires Jyta has prepared personalized cosmetic products for the past 70 years. Thanks to global support and personalized advices, the Laboratories assist their clients in their projects from the beginning to the end in order to achieve the best options for their client’s needs.

Floral Concept

FLORAL CONCEPT selects the most beautiful Natural Raw Materials for your olfactory and aromatic creations. Thanks to a thorough knowledge of vegetal, the processing is carried out with full respect for the plants to preserve their aromatic richness.


A perfume player since 1986, PCW offers its know-how through distinct activities within the same structure. Centered around perfumery, their mission is to convey an emotion while accompanying the market players, whether they are users of raw materials, or directly in contact with the consumer.


The company PKDERM is specialized in in vitro studies on the skin to assess the efficacy and safety of cosmetic products. Depending on the stage of development, PKDERM uses the most relevant cellular and/or tissue model (2D, 3D, reconstructed epidermis, excised skin) coupled with the most appropriate technological platform (genetic expression, imaging, analytical, etc.) to offer the most innovative solution that best suits the needs of its customers.


Since 1972, ASFO-GRASSE has committed itself supporting, advising and training all the actors of the sector.

Aux Belles senteurs

Thanks to its global professional experience and technical mastery of the graphics value chain, « Aux Belles Senteurs » stands ready to accompany you in all your projects of fragrance strips, booklets, packaging, or any neutral or perfumed support.  


Founded in 1833, Tournaire came into being along with the first perfume flower distilleries in Grasse. Today Tournaire’s acknowledged expertise in leading-edge techniques (extraction, subcritical distillation, filtration, etc.) and high-quality technical packaging is available to the industry throughout the world. With the fullest range of co-extruded aluminum and plastic packaging in the market, Tournaire covers various fields. This includes pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fragrances, the food processing industry and specialty chemicals, all produced with the highest levels of quality, service and safety.

Azur Fragrances

Azur Fragrances is a private international company. The goal that Azur Fragrances has set for itself has been and remains today: excellence, quality and service, combined with creativity and passion for the company. Azur Fragrances creates custom perfumes for the product positioning of its customers. Fragrances, personal care, air care and detergents.  


Quimdis is a specialized company in the research, fine-tuning, and distribution of raw materials. The company wants to reinforce its presence in its sectors of expertise through external growth as they have done in the veterinary, pharmaceutical, and more recently, in perfumery sectors. Its ambition is to serve their customers better throughout the world by continually improving the products and services offered, and by selecting quality partners.

Master Foqual

The Master’s degree FOQUAL was born at the University of Nice in 1997. It offers to the students a training in the domains of analytical chemistry, quality, and formulation. Since 2008, two options were created (1) aromas, flavors, cosmetics and 2) pharmaceutical and veterinary industries) to satisfy best the expectations of the students and the partners. The objective of this training is to favor the emergence of new skills for the chemical industry and form candidates for the latest innovations benefiting from many years of a dense and rich professional network of partnerships.  


Creator of natural émotions, Mandelys is specialized in the design, manufacture, and packaging of perfume in small and medium series.

Le Clos de Caillan

Agricultural firm dedicated to the production of centifolia roses (May roses) and other perfume plants while respecting the rules of organic farming.

Passion Nez

Olfactory marketing and fragrance development specialist. Scented story creator. Passion Nez supports all brands at all steps of the creation of a scented product, from the original idea to the production. As a partner of Cinquième Sens, Passion Nez offers perfumery formations and creative workshops.

L'Accent et l'Icône

Aroma, scents, texture, senses’ pleasure, … Catherine Levray masters fragrance and cosmetic languages. She draws on its variety to also make creations for the spirits, health and well-being industry.

Art et Parfum

On the heights of Grasse, in France, is the mythical Domaine Sainte Blanche imagined and designed by Edmond Roudnitska, one of the most famous perfumers of the 20th century. In its 10 hectares landscaped garden stands Accords et Parfums, the production site engaged in the manufacturing of concentrates from their independent perfumers. Art et Parfum and Au service du parfum, both trading companies, are also on the site. These companies were created to enable independent perfumers to express themselves freely, through an author’s perfumery, but also to offer you a singular and personal signature which distinguishes them. 

Ecole Supérieure du Parfum


BLH-SAS is a trader of aromatic natural ingredients in the perfume and food flavoring industries.