NissActive is a young company created in 2017 that specializes in developing biosourced cosmetic active ingredients from the Mediterranean that keep pace with the major market trends in cosmetic marketing claims (products that counteract aging, pollution, blue light, etc.). It stands apart from the competition by virtue of its technical expertise and superior knowledge of natural extracts, which means it can provide cosmetic active ingredients that are truly effective and scientifically proven. NissActive works in close collaboration with the Institut de Chimie de Nice at the Université Côte d´Azur (UCA). This alliance has helped NissActive create a development method for active ingredients combining local raw-material sourcing, eco-extraction techniques, and bioguiding, a method that has already earned its stripes, as several anti-aging active ingredients were marketed in the fall of 2019.

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NissActive believes that, for a company to properly develop, it must establish a local network, making membership in Grasse Expertise the clear choice. This network of professionals is a source of valuable support in monitoring the flavors and fragrances industry, further deepening our roots in the region and helping us keep supply chains as short as possible through to the many local contacts available via Grasse Expertise.


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