Choosing Interessens means choosing more than 20 years of experience in luxury cosmetics and perfumery. Our small company is based in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, and our modest size means we can personalize our relationships with customers and provide services and expert advice to the world’s most respected entities. We create and manufacture customized fragrances and are renowned for our expertise and the quality of the raw materials we use. While making your fragrance, we rigorously control quality and progress during every phase of creation and production. Our fragrances meet international quality standards and respect all regulations. Our objective is to provide you with your private-label fragrance by fully and exactly meeting your specifications and giving you the excellent support and professional advice that ensures we create the fragrance that is perfect for you.

Expertise :

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I was born in Grasse and I’m proud to be from this region. I’ve been around flowers and perfume all my life: I started picking flowers at age nine and now have the good fortune to pursue my heart’s desire, working in the perfume industry with the Interessens company that I founded in 2013. For more than twenty years, I have represented perfume companies in Grasse, our beautiful capital of perfumes, around the world. Now I’m a member of Grasse Expertise so I can share my experience and my knowledge of international markets with the other members and promote of our city of Grasse and its fragrance professionals.

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