Supporting the perfume-plant producers and production in the Pays de Grasse means looking to the future. 
The GRASSE EXPERTISE™ Professionals are convinced that the quality of the flowers produced in the Pays de Grasse is exceptional and that the history of both the region and its savoir-faire form a heritage to be preserved, as they are determining factors for our territory’s attractiveness and a mark of distinction for the industry. 
Flower crops have sculpted the landscapes of the Grasse region since the 17th century, founding its economy, weaving its social fabric. 

The economic constraints of the 20th century led the sector to deliberately sacrifice its agricultural capital, though it was the most important part of this industry, its very identity, and thus the most legitimate trade sector for the region. The choice to establish GRASSE EXPERTISE™ is one of promoting and revitalizing the region’s agricultural heritage by supporting production of perfume plants, such as Centifolia rose and Grandiflorum jasmine. 

Rebuilding the sector as a whole is an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the resulting economic revival and a dynamic, proactive part of the region’s development.