What makes #GRASSE EXPERTISE™ Professionals distinctive is their mastery of one or more of the following forms of savoir-faire specific to the Grasse region’s emblematic aromatic industry:

Perfume-plant production

The perfume plants of the Pays de Grasse, which have been the territory’s botanic jewels for several centuries, have unique olfactory qualities born of the producers’ savoir-faire coupled with unique local geographical factors (climate, soil, exposure).

Knowledge and mastery of synthetic products

Superior knowledge and mastery of synthetic products, important elements in many fragrances and flavors, have had their place in the Pays de Grasse for more than a century, serving to demonstrate and promote continuous innovation.

Supply and logistics, equipment, package design, packaging, and packing

The unique needs of the fragrance and flavor industry demands specialized expertise in supply, equipment, and logistics that is generally entirely dedicated to the fragrance and flavors industry.

Education and research

These specialists are responsible for several decades of targeted research, training, and education in the flavors and fragrances industry; they are blazing new trails in innovation and understanding with their expertise and commitment.

Manufacture of natural aromatic products

Transforming natural raw materials into concretes or absolutes requires numerous forms of exceptional savoir-faire, many of which originated in the Pays de Grasse and continue to expand in practical reach.

Fragrance and flavor creation

From thousands of different raw materials, noses and aromaticians formulate exceptional blends by virtue of their personal expertise, taking inspiration from the territory and its unique ecosystem.

Finished products

Perfume bottles, scented candles, cosmetic products – the world of finished products requires highly specialized expertise that is recognized by GRASSE EXPERTISE™.

Other (related services)

Several specialized services can be found in professions having savoir-faire tied specifically to the fragrances and cosmetics sectors (accessories, brand design, etc.)

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